Local Organizing Partners

Bety Waknine 
CEO of urban.brussels, the administration of the Brussels-Capital Region that implements regional policy in terms of urban planning, cultural heritage and urban revitalization. With a background as a lawyer and former deputy head of the cabinet of the Minister-President, Bety Waknine has been involved in urban planning and territorial development for almost 15 years - Local Congress Director WPC 58

"In recent years, the Brussels-Capital Region has gone through many changes, starting with a strong demographic boom and an increased employment rate. In this changing environment, it is important to have an urban development policy that strengthens our region's attractivity and quality of life.

urban.brussels therefore gives priority to a policy that actively promotes a high quality urban development, quiet and peaceful public spaces and, in a broader perspective, the rehabilitation of the existing urban tissue.  We have to reconfigure our relationship with the buildings and the nature surrounding us and we must strive towards a resilient and liveable city.

Therefore, the main goal of urban.brussels' policy is the protection, development and creation of a high quality living environment for the Brussels population, whilst anticipating the answers to the changes ahead.

This is exactly what this year's edition of ISOCARP - From wealthy to healthy cities - is all about. A theme that resonates strongly with my urbanistic vision for urban.brussels: a change of paradigm, in which the emphasis shifts away from the systematic demolition of buildings towards a reassignment to other purposes, and only if necessary, the dismantling of buildings, be it in the frame of new construction projects or the renovation of buildings. It's also a question of managing our urban heritage on the basis of sustainable development principles.

I am eagerly looking forward to this 58th international congress in order to share and further broaden our urbanistic vision."

Antoine de Borman

CEO of perspective.brussels, a multidisciplinary centre of expertise that provides the Brussels Region with the necessary knowledge to prepare its future and evidence based policies. Through its rigorous and relevant analyses, perspective.brussels nourishes public authorities' reflections as well as public debate.

Antoine de Borman has a degree in economics and political science. He has been involved in Brussels policy since 2010 trough different functions, notably as a Chairman of the Board of Bruxelles Formation and of citydev.brussels. 

"Our living environment has an important influence on our health. Therefore, improving the living environment requires an integrated approach and a holistic view of spatial planning. 

By exchanging knowledge between policy makers, academic sector and actors in the working field and by creating a shared vision, perspective.brussels aims to improve the integration of health and well-being in spatial planning. Indeed, paying attention to physical and social environmental aspects as early as possible in the urban development process are essential to promote a healthy living environment.

That is why we are glad that the 58th edition of the ISOCARP World Planning Congress will be organized in Brussels. Organizing this congress will help the Brussels Region to emphasize the place of health in the city in its territorial development policy, especially in the densest central neighborhoods. Also, by sharing experiences and knowledge from recent Brussels projects, we hope to inspire participants from other cities and countries."

Barbara Dewulf 

Deputy Director-general at Brussels Environment and also in charge of (amongst other supporting departments) the International and European coordination department. In that respect she participates in the negotiations of environment dossiers at EU and international level and coordinates the work for the Brussels Region in several networks or EU funded projects in the field of environment. She hold a degree of Commercial engineer from the University of Leuven.

Benoit Willocx

Adjunct director, is a bio-engineer and has a degree in environmental management. He started his career at Brussels Environment in 1993 and continued it by successively dealing with environmental permits, impact studies, noise, water management, electro-magnetic radiations and mobility. He has a thorough knowledge of the history and evolution of the struggle for environmental improvement of cities, which he uses to propose an ambitious and realistic vision.

"We are responsible for a wide range of activities in the environmental field, with the mission of working towards a better quality of life for all Brussels residents. In order to face the climate challenges, we want to play a facilitating role in the transition of the Brussels Region to a low-carbon society by 2050.

Our goal is to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to limit the impacts of climate change and all types of environmental nuisances."

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